Pressure Washing

R12 Pressure Washing Service offers deep cleaning of your designated surface(s) to remove all sorts of grime build-up or to strip down a surface. From a mild low pressure cleaning for exterior walls to a high pressure surface stripping to prep for a paint job, R12 has the right nozzles, attachments, and detergents to get the job done right using our interior and exterior pressure-washing equipment. Call R12 at 408.372.7712 to schedule an appointment today. We guarantee our work.

What is Pressure Washing?
Pressure washing systems force water through a motorized spray gun nozzle or attachment. These nozzles and attachments, along with adjusting the speed of the motor, determine the amount of pressure and angle the water spray is released, which in turn determines how the pressure washer is to be used. Too much pressure can damage a surface and too little wont provide a thorough cleaning. When used correctly, pressure washing is a great way to get a deep clean or strip down a surface for resurfacing.

 What is the difference between Power Washers and Pressure Washers?
A power washer is different from pressure washer in that it uses hot water from the spay nozzle or attachment to clean or strip down a surface. In some cases it may be beneficial to use the hot water spray of a power washer to clean hard to remove tough stains or sticky/tacky build up like chewing gum. Currently, R12 only offers pressure washing which utilizes the cool to luke warm water from the spigot.