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At R12 Window Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning windows on everything from residential homes to large commercial buildings. We clean both inside and out, tracks and screens for excellent results. We also handle problem windows that require scraping to remove paint, stucco, hard water, and other tough build up. It is our commitment to use only the best quality cleaning products and cleaning techniques so that is why we have chosen to use squeegees and other specialized tools, including deionized water ( a form of purified water ) as part of our cleaning tool-kit. With R12 you can be assured a streak free shine without any residue that can be left behind from the traditional window cleaning method of paper towels or spray chemicals. Call R12 Window Cleaning at 408.372.7712 for a free estimate (If your windows require extra attention please let us know during your free estimate.).

Why clean window panes?
Being that glass is porous, the transparent look can quickly become obstructed with airborne pollutants, hard water, and other grime. Cleaning your windows on a regular basis can eliminate hard water build-up and other contaminants, thus preserving the pure transparent properties of the glass. Having your windows cleaned not only gives you a better view to the outside world, it gives your home/business a better image, and helps with heat efficiency. In the long run it help prevent the need for expensive glass restoration in which layers of glass are removed in order to resurface the problem glass with a new finish.

Why clean screens?
Dirty screens have trapped dust/grime in them and allow dirty air to come indoors when you open the window, thus reducing the air quality of your indoor environment.  This can cause/enhance health problems for those with allergies or illness. Also, keeping your screens clean will help in preventing screen damage – and when screens are damaged, insects can sneak through the holes in the screen. Clean screens allow you to have fresh air when you open your window without allowing insects in your home/business. R12 can replace any damaged screens you may have – please enquire during your fee estimate.

Why clean the tracks?
All kinds of dirt and grime build-up ends up in your window/sliding glass door tracks which makes them not only harder to open it also wears down the track surface. Having clean tracks not only looks good, but it also makes it easier to open and close your windows/sliding glass doors.

How often should you clean your windows?
This all depends on your location: If you are near a high traffic, windy or rural area you will need to have your windows cleaned more often – say once every week. In most cases we recommend window cleaning twice a month due to the mild climate and weather patterns of the bay area. If you need advice on how often R12 should clean your windows, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a free estimate or get you signed up for regularly scheduled window cleaning that will always make your home/business look great! Call R12 at 408.372.7712 for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment today.